The rise of Web 3.0 naturally entailed users' demand for freedom and privacy of the Internet, hence the Web 3.0 projects are challenging the current Web 2.0 era. Web 3.0 is marching towards a more user-friendly environment and more privacy in decentralized digital platforms. 25 years after the great invention of the Internet, we found ourselves in the 1994's "online surfing", which represents the Web 1.0 era. From Web 1.0 to the smartphone that supports 3G Internet innovation faced 14 years of breakthroughs. In 2015, smartphones and the Internet became a necessity in daily lives. Nowadays, Web 3.0 is developing unstoppably.

Many corporations from Web 2.0 are stepping forward to the Web 3.0 era, while the Web 3.0 market is promising with its cutting-edge technologies and incredible innovations. From the market estimation, the users of Web 3.0 are reaching the point of 1 billion in the near future, which undoubtedly causes the "bandwagon effect." Meanwhile, social-interaction-oriented projects will be one of the main focuses of the era.

ApolloFi integrated its DAO governance system with a decentralized rewarding mechanism to launch a platform with versatile NFT gameplay functions and customized socializing features. The process includes inviting various communities from NFT game players socializing enthusiasts to KOLs to build a solid socializing program to provide users with an optimized social interaction platform.

Welcome to ApolloFi--- Wonderful Web 3.0 Socializing Platform.

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