NFT Upgrade System

NFT upgrade system is an important standard for separating users into different levels. On the basis of having an A-level (level 1) NFT, ordinary users can upgrade level by level according to the NFT upgrade system to upgrade their NFT level. NFT level will change with user behavior for life.

NFT upgrade is a game built on the basis of users having basic NFT (Level 1). They can realize NFT upgrades by collecting NFT fragments and merging NFT fragments. The detailed NFT upgrade requirements are as follows:

NFT Level UpgradeNumber of Fragments NeededBase Upgrade Probability

Level A to Level P



Level P to Level O



Level O to Level L



Level L to Level F



Level F to Level I



Last updated: June 17, 2022

Fragments will be the necessary blessing for helping NFT achieve the upgrade goal. However, due to the different synthesis probability of each fragment, users can adopt different levels of NFT fragments to carry out targeted upgrade strategies. With the increase of levels, the upgrade difficulty coefficient will gradually increase, so as to keep the balance of the long-term construction of ApolloFi ecology. If the user fails at upgrading, the NFT fragments will be destroyed while the user’s level remains unchanged.

In terms of data calculation, the probability of successful upgrade is:


Note: Y1 is the base upgrade probability, N is the number of fragments, and X is the synthesis probability of fragments of different levels.

For example, the user holds A-level NFT and currently holds 6 pieces of NFT fragments (3 pieces of level N and 3 pieces of level R).

At this time, the user has satisfied the basic required number of pieces for the upgrade. The user can select different NFT fragments to upgrade the NFT to level P. When performing the upgrade, the user selects 2 N-level and 3 R-level fragments to upgrade, then there’s a Y=60%+2*0%+3*1%=63% probability that it will succeed.

If the upgrade fails, the user's 2 N-level and 3 R-level fragments will be destroyed and the A-level will remain unchanged.

If the upgrade is successful, the 5 fragments will be destroyed and the NFT level will be raised to Level P.

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