Basic NFT

In Web 3.0, users need to have specific knowledge about the NFT products, including asset credentials, land ownership, etc. People show off their NFT assets on Twitter, this is also a value of data assets.

ApolloFi issues its NFT-Apollo series. The name was inspired by one of the Greek gods Apollo, a remarkable figure with historical background. In ApolloFi, NFT will become the vital parameter for identity verification. Crypto-economy has two giant fractions, non-fungible tokens, and fungible tokens, both play crucial roles in the crypto economy.

In ApolloFi, all the NFTs are owned by individual accounts, the early-stage participants will be eligible for presale and included in the whitelist, they can join network testing and claim the first level of NFTs.

Special statement: ApolloFi only sells first-level NFTs, and NFT upgrades (Upgrade at multiple levels, no cross-level) can only be done by collecting and merging NFT fragments.

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