NFT Fragments

NFT fragment is an important part of the entire NFT upgrade system and the necessary base condition. Fragments will be utilized as “energy” to inject fuel for the entire NFT upgrade. NFT fragments are contained in the fragment mystery boxes and lottery boxes. Users can perform social behavior, edit personal information, conduct on-chain sharing, etc. to gain lottery boxes that provide probabilities for obtaining NFT fragments. Or go directly to the NFT market to purchase NFT fragments, unpacking mystery boxes to get different levels of NFT fragments.

How to get NFT fragments

You can get NFT fragments through lottery boxes and mystery boxes. Where lottery boxes are likely to pick up NFT fragments and mystery boxes are certain to pick up NFT fragments.

Details: How to get NFT fragments

NFT fragment quality

In terms of visual design, we combine the bright image represented by Apollo in the fairy tale with his skills of light, medicine, literature, poetry, music, etc. NFT fragments will correspond to its spiritual core, and are designed as Musical Notes, Medicine, Literature and Light, which also conform to its positioning as "energy fuel".

Musical note: The word music originates from the Ancient Greek word μουσική (mousike), which means the art of the Muse. In ApolloFi, the beating notes record the throb of the soul.

Medicine: Medicine has always been the guarantee of life. The medicine bottle will function as the carrier of medicine and support the rescue of medicine and patients.

Literature: Poetry often brings imagination to people. This is considered to be the initial origin of literature, which is based on books and connects emotions. Light: The sun, as the most important existence of the whole universe, is the symbol of light and the sustenance of hope.

In the NFT fragments system, Musical Notes, Medicine, Literature, and Light possess different levels, the details are as follows:

Note: The synthesis probability will be applied in NFT upgrade.

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