According to ApolloFi's plan, we are taking Web 3.0 social from an idea to a reality, building a whole new world of social Metaverse. Where you can build your social kingdom and intangible NFT assets, let's get excited about what will happen next.

2021 Q2-Q4 Project and team creation

ApolloFi planning, validation of product planning, and research on technical implementation

Completion of basic product demos

2022 Q1

ApolloFi alpha version launch

  1. Publish your own social content and mint it as NFT

  2. Creators can earn mining rewards for quality content

  3. Online browsing and contribution rewards for invitation sharing for regular users

  4. Web2 social media management and NFT avatar management

  5. DAO operation review/invitation rewards and basic management

2022 Q2

ApolloFi beta version officially launches, NFT support for Polygon, Ethereum and BNB Chain

ApolloFi launches Farm, Pool, fragment trading market, and other features, injecting financial play into Web3 social

ApolloFi NFT airdrop and whitelist for early users

Level 1 NFT sale in batches. Exclusive benefits for holders: DAO governance, DeFi multiplier, etc.

2022 Q3

ApolloFi Version2.0 launch:

  1. Influencer crowdfunding or IDO

  2. Paid content publishing and gifts

  3. Fragments and financial features

  4. Candy airdrops and third-party partner rewards

2022 Q4

ApolloFi Version3.0 launch:

New financial NFT functions, staking, lending, fragmentation, and insurance Ecosystem cooperation with quality NFT and Web3 projects

2023 Q1-Q2

Development towards the true Metaverse, promotion of interoperability with ZeusMeta

2023 Q3-Q4

Metaverse and NFT avatar IP incubation through decentralized governance

New strategic cooperations under ApolloFi brand strategy


Improved infrastructure for widespread Web3 metaverse, social-network, etc. applications

Full interoperability with ZeusMeta, better Web3 social experience, digital-asset diversification

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