Lottery Boxes & Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes could be traced back to the “Lucky box” in Japanese convenience stores at the beginning of the 20th century. In the 1980s, the “capsule” toy which used ACG (Animation, Comics, Game) as its main characters was the initial form of the mystery box. Until the beginning of the 21st century, the release of the earlies mystery box toy Sonny Angel by Japan Dream Co., Ltd. brought mystery boxes into vogue.

In ApolloFi, users can obtain fragments through two channels: Lottery Box and Fragment Mystery Box. With a higher NFT level, there will be a higher chance of winning the lottery.

The lottery box will be dropped randomly according to user behavior (content Creating Mode and Community Contribution Mode) to increase users’ social enjoyment in ApolloFi. NFT fragments will likely be wrapped in lottery boxes, users can choose to collect boxes or open them directly. The lucky ones will get NFT fragments of different levels, these NFT fragments will become an important way and channel to upgrade for users.

How to get more Lottery Boxes

  1. Post content

  2. Share content on social media

  3. Share your invitation link

  4. Go to Profile and connect your social accounts

  5. Mint content as NFT

  6. Enter Top 100 Weekly Contributions

  7. Enter Top 100 Followers

  8. Have wallet connection time for 1 hour

How to get more Fragment Mystery Boxes

The fragment mystery box contains different levels of NFT fragments. In addition, users will get the fragments for 100% from the listed methods:

A. APO staking, LP staking and NFT staking (meet official conditions) will get fragment mystery boxes.

B. Users can directly purchase NFT fragments mystery boxes in the marketplace.

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