APO Token

APO is the token of ApolloFi ecology, and it's one of the evaluation parameters for the ecosystem. Following the growing value of ApolloFi, the APO rewards will increase according to the activeness of the users.

Giving Tips

Users can click the like button for the content they favor, the process consumes a certain fee, but the content creator will reciprocate the user who gave likes by giving a certain amount of tokens. This mechanism allows the platform to generate quality content.

Premium Contents

The user with a certain amount of tokens bought from content creators can access certain content. The users need to purchase premium each month by tokens from the creator to access unique content.

Purchase NFT and NFT Fragments

Users can purchase the first rank valued NFT or more quality NFTs through APO and join the "Social to Earn" section or purchase NFT fragments to integrate into more quality NFTs.

DAO Governance

APO token holders govern ApolloFi DAO. APO holders can participate in the council or manage the issues related to the whole ecology. The more APO the one has, the more power he will have in proposals, voting, and decision-making.

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