The modern history of the Internet has involved entanglement between decentralization and centralization. The Web 3.0 era involves a revolutionary ambition to collaborate with the mass internet sections to strengthen its decentralized features. ApolloFi will extract the deep layer of information to achieve data sharing, develop modularized products to boost the integrity between different Internet sections, and allow users to master their on-chain personal data. Those functions will allow ApolloFi to strengthen the bond among users, break the isolation in Web 2.0 and change the current Internet socializing in an unstoppable way.


For safety, ApolloFi used smart contracts to guarantee publicity and transparency of the rewarding mechanism.


For governance, ApolloFi will release tokens for a cold start and encourage individuals to create their accounts on the platform. In DAO governance, ApolloFi embraces a healthy environment and integrates efficiently configured programs to run the platform, and users are entitled to tokens, in general, to proceed with certain functions such as evaluating the ongoing scheme, or functions and submitting feedback.

According to ApolloFi's planning, NFT reaches O level ( level 3) to participate in DAO governance, and can participate in reporting and auditing in the ApolloFi community. In order to prevent spam reports and post sensitive issues, we will adopt the Byzantine protocol PBFT, which supports fault-tolerant fault nodes while also digesting the problem of tolerating evil nodes, avoiding as much as possible to occupy too much storage space due to spam, and maintaining an overall healthy and upward tone on reaching an efficient and fair ecological environment.

Data Storage

For the Data Storage, ApolloFi applies the co-reserve method with IPFS and Arweave and turns location-based addressing into content-based addressing. At the same time, once one content was uploaded, wherever it's uploaded, it has its unique address, which is entirely disconnected from any platform identity of a corporation. This kind of method solves the on-chain data limitation problem and inconsistent accessibility of the system, decreases the burden of data storage, and guarantees the consistency of the data.

Rights and Benefits

For the rights and benefits, ApolloFi applied the FPOS mechanism, "Galileo Weighted Average Algorithm" and a unique mining algorithm named "Equinehashpow." Those instruments will be able to automatically weigh the mining accessibility of the miner based on the computing condition. They evaluate the compatibility between technology and economy to achieve a resource-friendly environment and prevent the staging of "double-spending." Random data falsifying and manipulation from sharks are prevented by the algorithm. Highly confidential and efficiently integrated algorithms guarantee the relevant rights and benefits of the users and disable any centralized power from controlling the system.

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