NFT Equities

In ApolloFi, the equities of different levels of NFTs will differ with the level change. The equities are mainly: Basic Equities, DAO, and Fragment drop probability.

Note: When you stake your NFT, you can activate NFT equities such as APO rewards and chances for fragment drops.

ApolloFi’s NFT will change with the user’s social behavior, the higher the NFT level the stronger the equities, with the increase in basic equities, DAO governance, and fragment drop probability. In the withdrawal system, the higher the level the lower the withdrawal fee would be, till a 0 withdrawal fee when reaching I-level NFT (the sixth level):

Basic Equities

Besides, as for the content published, different level of NFT has different equities. The details are as followed:


Fragment Drop Probability

Withdrawal Fee

Note: Specific values will be subject to change

In the ApolloFi NFT design system, we will conduct a financialized exploration of NFT. Users will only be eligible to participate in NFT staking and lending when the NFT reaches level 5. We will also integrate NFT financial products through Lending Pool and Peer to Peer models to continuously fulfill the diversified needs of NFT scenarios. In the future, we will start multiple layers of NFT DeFi derivatives like NFT renting, NFT fragmentation agreement, NFT insurance, options, and many more to make ApolloFi’s NFT a trust-worthy financialized asset.

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