DAO Objective and Planning

In accordance with the ApolloFi DAO's guiding principle of "maximum trust and authorization", we strive to optimize the coordination of superhuman governance or complementary opposites in our DAO design and governance approach.

According to ApolloFi's project plan, we will gradually open up DAO governance and tap the infinite potential of the community. In the initial phase, ApolloFi DAO will focus on exploring and implementing various DAO solutions that will enable the team to automate processes related to internal funding and production capacity. We freely distribute governance power and influence to "front-line" or important individuals and teams who can optimize the situation.

In the DAO, we give contributors and teams as much room to propose and make decisions as possible so that they can operate freely and innovate. We will ensure that the corollary of this freedom of action is a recognition and commitment to overall needs. Details are as follows:

2022 Q2

Opening up a community-based governance model

2022 Q3

The ApolloFi DAO Community Governance Committee is established

2022 Q4

The ApolloFi DAO Community governance tool is coming online

The online DAO governance mechanism includes the proposal, voting, and supervision

2023 Q1

Promote the establishment of ApolloFi DAO organization and finalize the complete DAO governance draft

2023 Q2

Determine DAO governance and management mechanism, Treasury management draft of the Ministry of Finance

2023 Q3

The first election of the Committee of The ApolloFiDAO Governing Body is established

2023 Q4

Gradually build a decentralized and autonomous platform for the global DAO

We firmly believe that individuals or any particular campaign team can faithfully serve the well-being or public interest of the whole, where it is important that principles are aligned with the overall purpose, the intuition that guides the whole, and trust in the blockchain architecture that may be appropriate is the foundation of a real, passionate and vibrant community. We trust each other, and we believe that each of us has unique abilities that are our "collective DAO member" superpowers.

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