ApolloFi DAO Governance

ApolloFi DAO is a decentralized autonomous platform governed by APO holders, and it plays a crucial role in the development and management of ApolloFi. Given the socializing features and attributions of the Web3 platform ApolloFi, DAO is a sophisticatedly integrated essential part of operating the whole ApolloFi ecosystem.

We strongly believe that DAO is a commitment to sharing values with the community. APO/ApolloFi NFT holders and DAO offered everyone an equal, accessible governing environment. DAO members work together to create, distribute and capture the value, ownership sharing economic, social, and political elements associated with a common mission to create best practices for digital alignment.

In the ApolloFi DAO:

  • Participate in governance and decision-making with APO or ApolloFi NFT

  • Gives members a voice through governance

  • Flattens hierarchy and creates a smooth workflow

  • Allocate resources to achieve core tasks, goals, and objectives

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