Proposal Process

The ApolloFi ecosystem is controlled by APO token holders and ApolloFi NFT holders, who submit votes to determine the off-chain voting that governs the ecosystem, with proposals that generate majority support (>50% vote) implemented by 10 member multi-signature wallets.

Changes must be signed by 6 of the 10 wallet signatories to be implemented. Members of the multi-signature wallet are voted on by the ApolloFi community, but this is not a fixed model and may change due to future governance votes.


Additional discussions of protocol or proposal changes occur on the following platforms:

  • Discord

  • ApolloFi Dapp

  • Telegram

  • Discourse

  • Email:

Before the official proposal is made, officials will learn as much as possible from various sources, including Discord, Discourse or specific sections of the ApolloFi product that will have channels to collect feedback and allow users to participate in discussions.

Make a proposal

Anyone can post a proposal on the forums (Discord, Telegram, Discourse, ApolloFi specific forums, etc.) for discussion within the community. If it is elevated to an off-chain poll, then only people with a quantitative APO can submit it to Snapshot.

Note: Snapshot is a free, open-source, transparent voting framework.

1. Create Proposals

The ApolloFi DAO community will create a space in Snapshot to meet governance needs, and DAO members with APO tokens, ApolloFi NFT, etc. will organize the creation of proposals in Snapshot.

Requirements for the adoption of the proposal:

  • Proposal discussion period, at least 30% voted to approve the proposal

  • Have a quantitative APO submit a snapshot

  • 5-day snapshot with over 50% approval rate

2. Voting on proposals

Users of APOs, ApolloFi NFT, stake APOs, liquidity providers regarding APOs, etc. can vote on Snapshot's snapshot page at:

  • Quantitative APO in wallet

  • ApolloFi NFT

  • LP tokens related to APO

  • APO staking

  • Continuous update ......

Conflicting Voting

There may be conflicting proposals, and to avoid problems, the 5-day discussion period above can also be used as a time for anyone to list their preferred alternative options in the forum. Each proposal on a related topic will have a waiting block placed in its title. Proposing a poll after that time, including all available options, will ensure that everyone has the ability to express their preferences while maintaining a reasonable amount of time for decision-making.

3. Implementation of voting results

Once the snapshot vote is approved, the results will be implemented by the ApolloFi DAO organization or the ApolloFi Operations team, using multiple signature signatures if necessary. The implementation results will be published on official channels, and all DAO members can participate in the implementation oversight.

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