SocialFi System

As the internet moves toward decentralization with Web 3.0, SocialFi platforms will start gaining prominence and become essential tools for the preservation of freedom of speech and data sovereignty. In ApolloFi, we will combine social and modern DeFi finance, and construct a complete social network under the frame of Social and DeFi finance.

In the upstream of the product, ApolloFi builds a social system with the creator's economy as core and NFT upgrade as advanced. In this process, ApolloFi provides an opportunity for both the normal user and content creator to publish content, also a channel to obtain social tokens. We are trying to show the user's personality using NFT, which will become a unique marking.

In the downstream of the product, ApolloFi will establish a financial system with ApolloFi token APO as its core to make more users engage in Farm and Pool Mining. In the future we will as well start to exploit derivatives such as NFT staking, lending, fragmentation, insurance and so on.

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